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A gulliver inconspicuous
I pass through the deserted square
Grass and bloom rise towering
Over me like centuries.
Timothy-grass boles
stick together with cumulus islands.
Out of the nettles an elephant
Cuts across the sky with his beak.
Gold nuggets of grain.
A sentinel ogre on a swing.
Having done a triple somersault
a green whale is croaking.

And over the burdock crown
there is a city, great and noisy.
The technological ants
surround the square with construction sites.

Batting their wings are cows
and scarab bulls,
squadrons of grim wasps,
moth deltaplanes.
Trains run stomping,
their furry underside
stumbles on the pebbles,
but slides on easily.
Climbing out of the underground after rain
come the earthvampires.
Colours and tins change
over the domed bubbles.

While higher than the mouse itself
are the loudly-breathing dinosaurs,
that bark, leaping upright,
and lifting their dreadful tail.

And, the wild visions,
clouds drift, shadows leap,
a lighting strikes down with its hoof,
reaching out from the universe.
A thunderous neighing is heard,
and a goat's sobbing,
while in sleep god comes over
to blow into trunk or horn…




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